My Squared Life

We Are Squared LogoWelcome to ‘My Squared Life’.  A trip alongside me whilst I participate on the Google accredited digital marketing course designed to provide insight into the world of digital marketing and at the end a qualification.

I’ve decided to take part in Squared Online as I want to build extensively on my existing online marketing skills.

I have primarily been involved in SEO for the past few years, both working on my own website (6 years), and whilst working for industry leading digital marketing agencies, and more recently as a freelance digital marketing consultant.

However, there are so many other channels to consider outside of natural, organic search and I believe that to really make a site fly it’s important to embrace and implement strategies across all of these channels.  At the very least, it is imperative that each channel is tested for success with a site, both from a traffic and costing / ROI perspective.

I’m looking to get an all round holistic view on the world of search, paid, earned and owned, in order to both implement strategy on my own site and also to be able to confidently advise clients on how best to pull all of these channels together to garner a significantly improved ROI on their digital marketing spend.

As a website owner, I’m looking to have enough broad skills to know when I am getting maximum value for money from digital marketing service providers and to even assist in providing feedback to them and perhaps recommendations as to how they could implement x to achieve y.

I’m aware that it is impossible to operate to maximum potential by trying to cover all channels with day to day tasks yourself, so, for me, the benefits of taking part in Squared are clearly to ensure that I am able to manage a cross channel team to achieve considerable results in the online verticals my clients sites’ and my own websites’ operate.

I’m also looking to actively take part in group activities and team work and looking forward to sharing ideas and past experiences with other Squared course participants.

Search is always changing and I want to ensure that I know exactly what is happening and have very current knowledge of changes which affect not only the sites which I work upon, but also the wider search landscape.