Books are back

The Book Club Is Born

A strange thing happened on Christmas Eve 2015, which made me delighted to realise that whilst we live in the age of ‘The Digital Revolution’, there is still a desire out there for people to sit down with a good old-fashioned book.

I’d come across an article online distributed by some marketing company or other which listed 50 books recommended for holiday reading by renowned TED Speakers.  I figured, that given the reputations of TED speakers there must be some learnings in there to be had, and whilst I generally hate ‘listicals’ in blog posts as standard, I overlooked my urge to dismiss the post and went to take a look.

Like many in my industry, I’ve long been fascinated by the origins of the web and the taleWhere Wizards Stay Up Lates of behind the scenes goings-on in Silicon Valley (it appeals to my nosey, detective-like nature), so one particular book caught my eye.  It was entitled ‘Where Wizards Stay Up Late’ and it spoke of ‘Exciting story of the pioneers who founded the web’.

I collect books more than most women collect shoes so I headed off over to Amazon to see if I could get a copy.

Lo and behold, not only could I get a copy, but I could get a used copy for 1 pence.  Yes, you heard that right.  £0.01 plus postage and packing which obviously cost considerably more than the book (but not too much).

Well, I was overwhelmed with bagging such a bargain so immediately headed over to Twitter to share the finding in case anyone else wanted to take advantage of such a great deal.

One thing led to another and a conversation ensued amongst a group of digital marketing types (and it would appear book-loving) Twitterers I know, and I can’t even recall if it was me or @Tony_DWM who suggested that we should start up a good old-fashioned book club for those amongst us who loved reading and learning more about digital marketing / online business / tech / web developing / advertising / general marketing.  In fact, anyone who really loves working on the internet and with websites and loves books.

So… We did.  And now, it’s only just March, and we have 148 members.  The enthusiasm picked up speed and we were also helped in pushing the message out by the lovely ladies from #SEMRushChat (part of huge and thriving community on Twitter).

Our members include published authors, web strategists, SEO specialists, web developers, from all across the globe, generic marketers, students, lecturers and academics, trainers, designers, social media strategists, and more, each bringing their own experiences to the table, and even one renowned Googler amongst our numbers.

We share reviews of books that we’ve read (both good and bad (usually @badams (but they’re also welcomed as we’re aiming to be a community of critical thinkers, I’m sure)), and discuss some of the themes and topics that come out of them.

We’re just a generally friendly bunch of not-so-geeky geeks doubling up as closet bookworms.

Books are backI’m chuffed that such a random Twitter chat conversation on Christmas Eve of 2015 could turn into a growing community from nowhere, that books are back (they never went away), and long may it continue.  I just have to now find the time to read the many books that have been recommended by members.

Maybe I’ll take a year off to do that 😉

The book club is here, perchance you decide you’d like to join our numbers 🙂