Meet Bert – My Pomeranian Fur Baby

Meet Bert.  She’s a pomeranian.  Yes, I know.  Bert is traditionally a male name, but I like the name Bert before I went to pick a pomeranian and Bert was the only pup left (I’m glad, because I couldn’t have hoped for a better fur-baby than she).

I never imagined myself as a dog lover.  In fact, prior to Bert arriving I can honestly say I disliked dogs, but then X-Factor came on… and Sharon Osborne’s dog.  I had no clue what breed it was but… WANT.

Google kindly revealed ‘Sharon Osborne’s dog’ (exact query) was a pomeranian.

The best thing about pomeranians is they always seem to be smiling.  They’re not of course.  It’s just the way their face is wired up, but still… We pretend she is smiling and it cheers us up.

She barks … a lot.  Apparently this is typical to the breed.  No matter how many strategies we test to stop her, she won’t stop, and she always has the last word (bark).   Very annoying sometimes as it’s a very high pitched yap.  But don’t let that put you off Bert.

She makes up for it in kisses and she always feels like a teddy bear when you hug her.

You’ll see Bert lots of times in my blog.