Tedward pomeranian

Meet Tedward – He Joined the Anderson Fold

I’ve not posted here for a while despite my best intentions at the beginning of the year so I thought I would pick things up a little bit with a very small post about our new family member.

Meet Tedward (some of you will have seen him being paraded around on social media.

He’s also a pomeranian, like Bert.  He’s a bundle of mischief and totally the opposite to Bert who is very pristine and walks as though she were part of the gentry.  Tedward is a bit of a ragamuffin and always looks quite scruffy.  He’s a tumbler and a scrapper.  It seemed at first as though they might not get get along (Bert and Tedward), but the tide is turning and they’re cosying up frequently now.  We might even have some Bertedwards soon enough.

We also thought he might be a nasty piece of work for a while as he was biting everyone and tearing up the house but apparently it’s simply puppy teething and he’s now super cuddly and friendly.

Unfortunately Tedward is nowhere near as photogenic as the lovely Bert due to his very black fur colouring.  You can’t see his features very well, but he’s truly very lovely in real life.

Did I mention I loved pomeranian pooches?

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