This is the personal blog of Dawn Anderson and unfortunately I don’t get a huge amount of time to post here.  I plan to do more posting here in the future but currently I spend much of my time working in the digital marketing space over at Move It Marketing (my business site).  You can get in touch with me over there or on Twitter where you will find me @dawnieando.  You must be forewarned that I often post tweets about pomeranians and some stuff on digital marketing or SEO.  Occasionally I join the debate about SEO (there’s always a debate on the subject of SEO), but I try to avoid those whenever possible.  You’ll also find some of the content I contribute over on sites such as Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land and Smart Insights.  You can also check out some of my past conference presentations on my Slideshare account.

Hopefully you’ll see an increasing amount of blog posts here over time.  I certainly plan to do more blogging as time permits and as I get faster at pulling these things together.  It’s on my list.  Some will be personal and some might be about my work.

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