I’ve spoken at several events on digital marketing and SEO over the past few years, both internationally and in the UK.  I’ve had the honour of speaking at some of the most well-known and established SEO conferences in the industry.

These conferences have included MozCon, Brighton SEO, Search Leeds, State of Search, SASCON, European Search Conference, Pubcon Florida, Pubcon Las Vegas, Ungagged London, Ungagged Las Vegas, SMX West, SMX London, Digital Growth Unleashed.

Topics have included largely those around technical SEO, voice search, web crawling and AMP as well as mobile SEO.

I took a break from speaking at as many events through 2019 to focus more client work and personal projects, and beat a pesky case of prevailing laryngitis which simply would not budget. All the travelling, as well as working on client projects more than full time, preparing decks at weekends and evenings was getting too tiring.

I also wanted to concentrated to concentrate on extending my knowledge further into more advanced technical SEO, information retrieval, web development, coding, and overall digital strategy formulation and SEO process development. There were also personal online projects which needed some TLC.

That was what I decided in late 2018 just after I spoke at Ungagged Las Vegas 2018, but I’m pleased to say, good things have happened since then.

The laryngitis appears to be receding increasingly, and whilst, apparently, it will always be a minor ‘thing’ for me, because it is a viral laryngitis which has become chronic, it re-appears less and less, as long as I take care of myself.  On seeing a speech therapist after a referral by a throat specialist to fix the remnants of any effect on my voice and to bring strength back, it turns out the speech therapist believes the weakness in my voice now has a connection to stress and lack of confidence, so she is going to help me with both my voice and because she is a trained cognitive behavioural therapist too she is going to help me to become more confident and assertive.  My own personal online e-commerce and lead-generation projects are also now well underway (more about those later in 2019 or early 2020), and I’ll also be taking on some team members to help with the running of those so I don’t have to be involved in the day to day of them.

I’ve also managed to get some help with client projects, although I primarily deal with audits and day to day strategic direction, as well as trouble-shooting and I’m on call for clients should they need me.  I have help with content, social media, some outreach, and data gathering / research, graphic design and web development.  I have more clients too, as well as clients who have been with me for the past 7 years, and clients who I really enjoy working with on an ongoing basis.  Clients who are excited about staying ahead of the curve, and not afraid to try new things, and who take my advice on board.

Despite taking a break from speaking in 2019, I did participate in a number of webinars in the early part of the year and joined a couple of discussion panels at conferences and took part in some live site audits. I went to New York to speak at C3 Conductor, which was way too good an invite to pass up, since I’d never been to New York before, but generally the number of speaking slots I took up in 2019 overall was way down compared with 2018 and 2017.

Since health is returning and things are more stable here (going well), in the back end of 2019 I have picked up again on speaking at events which I have mainly been invited to participate in, and Pubcon, for which I pitched to speak at (Love Pubcon, and in particular the networking side of things).  The events / conferences I’ve agreed to speak at in Autumn 2019 and through to the end of the year are as follows:

Autumn 2019 Speaking Engagements

September 2019

We Love SEO 2019

Paris, France

October 2019

Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2019

Las Vegas, NV, US

3XE Digital 2019

Dublin, Ireland

SMXL Milan 2019

Milan, Italy

November 2019

Search Solutions 2019

London, UK

December 2019

Tech SEO Boost 2019

Boston, MA, US

Future Planning for 2020 Speaking

Speaking in 2020

If you are planning digital marketing or SEO events for 2020 then I do intend to pick up activity on speaking engagements again throughout that year so feel free to connect if you believe I could add value in some way to your speaking agenda, and share with your audience, and I will be happy to explore this with you.

If you want to get in touch you can do so by contacting me through my main agency consulting website, Bertey Digital via the contact form.  Alternatively, you can contact me via Bertey’s Facebook page or via my personal Dawn Anderson Facebook page.

I have already agreed to speak at the the following events in 2020:

February 2020

Friends of Search

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

March 2020

Pubcon Florida

Miami, Florida, US